You're losing 80% of your best leads.

by Jess Lee June 9th, 2020

Are your reps calling leads from the landline phone?

If so… I’m sorry to tell you this.

You are losing 80% of your most engaged leads. Here’s how:

Average dealer call penetration is 7%.

That means 93% of the time, your reps are leaving voicemails.

Your future customers are

Mostly getting voicemails.

(You might as well just purchase ringless voicemail.)

After they get the voicemail,

Consumers are choosing to reply back…

On text messaging.

Yes you heard that right.

A whopping 80% of people will choose to text back to a voicemail

Instead of calling back.

If your reps are calling from their landline,

And your leads are texting back to that number,

The text will bounce.

And you are losing that business

From a hot lead.

So how can we stop this from happening?

I’m sharing my tips here ⬇️

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