Your customers are using fake phone numbers

by Jess Lee June 8th, 2020

When General Managers talk fake phone numbers?

I think of people putting in wrong phone numbers. Until last week when I heard this:

Someone famously said to me during an interview

“I got a Google Voice number when I started researching

To purchase a new car because

I didn’t want to hear sales pitches

I just wanted to get new information and pictures

Get my questions answered.

I’m looking at 10 different potential dealers

For this new car

Text messaging is easy to keep track

I can’t remember phone calls if I have them with

10 different salespeople

But I can go back to my text messages

And look at exactly which dealer

Was offering what.

Then I called that dealer and got the car.”


I never knew people got fake google phone numbers

Just to deal with salespeople.

What this tells me:

You gotta earn car buyers’ trust before you call!

You can do that with text messaging.

Do you know how to deal with Google Voice numbers?

Do you have a text messaging sales playbook?

If you don’t have one, I’m giving out mine bel*w ?

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