Walk-ins are Over. 

by Jess Lee July 3rd, 2020

If you are a smart General Manager,

You noticed your walk-in metric is nearing “zero”...

You can’t rely on walk-ins anymore.

You need something more proactive.

The pandemic will go away.

I have good faith.

But it will take a while before everyone can get the vaccine.

Let’s just say 2 years.

In that 2 year period, many leases will end.

People who would have usually just driven up to the dealership…

They will want to call the dealer and book an appointment.

As a society, we are moving into an appointment culture…

Just like the dentist, the banks, and any other businesses selling

“high-consideration” consumer goods.

Think about who is booking your appointments today.

Are they saying the right things 100% of the time?

Do they have enough knowledge about cars and financing?

We have a proactive dealer’s guide to winning for you.

I’ll share with you below.

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