Transitioning a dealership to online

by Jess Lee May 14th, 2020

I saw an article today about how the car industry is doing the unthinkable.

For outsiders, online selling can seem like a simple thing.

But I know for GMs and GSMs running the show, it’s different.

It’s a huge structural change.


I know that moment.. When you realize your sales team can't transform into a BDC department overnight.

They haven’t been trained to be empathetic and communicative over phone.

Someone can be a fantastic seller in person with charming personality and body language.

But now we are not getting those walk-ins on weekends.

And translating that into a phone conversation is a whole another story.

I’m optimistic though that we can support our reps in this transition and turn this around.

What is the key action you’ve taken to help your reps transition into selling over phone?

Share with us below.

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