The Power of Now

by Jess Lee June 30th, 2020

Do you believe in the Power of Now?

I set a goal to hit a set amount of revenue last week.

Ambitious, but doable.

I set this goal and did everything I can to get there.

I noticed some things on the way.

I did things that I would’ve normally put away til next week.

I didn’t put away meetings with my vendors.

I didn’t postpone anything.

I’ve accelerated my timeline.

And sure enough, the magic happened.

I taught me that it really is all about the mindset.

If you are a General Manager

You know your mindset is a key asset to your success.

And I saw a similarity between this “Power of Now” technique

And text messaging, which is my main bread and butter.

Texting is about getting that customer NOW.

It’s not about getting them next week.

It’s not even about getting them in a few hours.

It is about NOW.

Texting is about manifesting things you want now.

It’s not about the struggles that you think you have to go through

It’s about getting the results


Are you ready to set your money goal and hit it this week?

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