The Fastest Dealer Wins

by Jess Lee June 3rd, 2020

Did you know if leads hear back from you in the first 10 min they are 3x more likely to visit your store?

Pretty unbelievable right?

Here’s how it happens:

Dealer A rep gets hold of the customer in the first 10 min, answers their questions, asks if they had a chance to test drive and looks through the inventory for them.

Dealer B rep reaches out to the customer at the 15 min mark,

(Which is pretty darn good by today’s standards)

But the customer has already spoken with another dealer. Now they are just looking for a reason NOT to entertain you as an option, NOT to visit your showroom.

Which dealer has a higher chance of closing the customer?

How important do you think being the first dealer to reach the customer is?

I'd love to hear your experience with this.

Share with me. Let's connect. 

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