Texting is the New Calling

by Jess Lee May 26th, 2020

I was speaking with a dealer client the other day. He had an idea that blew me away.

This is what he said:

Instead of counting the number of Calls reps make per day, dealers should start measuring how many Texts per day.

I had never thought about it that way. ?

Most people don’t enjoy making calls. It’s easy to fake making calls on CRM. Just check a box and you made 50 calls today.

You can say “Great work you made 50 calls today." But it's hard to know if those calls were actually made.

But texts? They are different.

You can check texts.

You can see what was said. You know exactly how many were sent.

What if we measured rep activities by the number of texts instead of number of calls?

It's entirely possible that...

Texting is the new Calling.

Would you implement texts per day metric at your dealership? Do you already use this metric?

Tell me what you think. Let's connect.

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