Want to set up a new BDC team? Use SMS automation.

by Jess Lee June 11th, 2020

Are you a General Manager with a new BDC team?

Is your team confirming appointments every single time?

Here's what I learned from a great video by David Kain the other day:

1) Send messages to every single customer and confirm.

When David gets a message about a doctor’s appointment, he appreciates it because he is a busy business owner. The appointment reminder is a gift and you must make sure to give that gift to each and every one of your customers.

2) Add a picture or video to the messaging.

Looking for ways to stand out? Take a picture or video standing next to the car and mentioning that you are going have your name on the windshield. Show the rep who’s going to meet with the customer.

Now I know some of you want to make sure

Your reps are following the best practice every single time...

But you know it's not realistic for your reps

To do this right 100% of the time.

Smart dealers have figured out how to automate this

So your Appointments,

The meat and bread of your dealership,

can be done right Every Single Time.

I’ll share how. Get our free guide. 

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