Never Remind your Reps Again

by Jess Lee July 7th, 2020

I leased a Mini Cooper S from a Bay Area dealership.

I haven’t heard anything from them since.


I’ve gotten some emails…. I think.

No one ever gave me a call.

Not even the salesperson called me

To check if my car was okay.

Then I found another nearby Mini dealership.

One of the doors was making a noise

So I took it to that dealership.

I liked it better than the dealership where

I originally leased my car.

If I lease another Mini Cooper,

I’ll probably go to that second dealership instead.

If you are a General Manager,

You have heard of this story.

And we all know it’s tough for sales reps

Or the service advisors

To contact the customers.

There are 10 million other things they could be doing, like selling to land net new customers.

You know existing customers are cheaper

To sell to again.

But you are probably tired of telling your reps that.

So how can we build this into your system?

So you don’t have to remind your reps

Ever again?

I have a solution for you down below.

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