How will malls closing help dealers?

by Jess Lee June 8th, 2020

1/3 of American malls will close in the next year according to analysts. What does that mean for General Managers?

More opportunities. Here’s why:

Despite the number of decreasing walk-ins, and the shift into an appointment culture, people are getting used to talking to friends on Zoom and doing business online.

What does that mean for Dealers?

The playing field gets bigger.

No longer will we be limited by geography. The product and service offered will be more important than ever.

There will be more opportunities and competition than ever. The playing field will be leveled for dealers both in urban or rural settings.

Proactive dealers will thrive and expand -- during this time of transition that requires a seamless connection between the online and the offline.

Want to see how some exceptional dealers are achieving this?

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