How long does it take to actually reach the customer?

by Jess Lee May 6th, 2020

I was on the phone with Edward Shakalia the other day.

To a sophisticated dealer, this is important:

There is one thing more important than Lead Response time.

How long has it been since your rep actually gets hold of the customer?

When a lead signs up, your rep calls the lead as soon as they can.

But the truth is people don’t like to pick up the phone.

So they don’t pick up right away.

Heck, most reps don’t even like calling.

After that first time, your rep has to move on to other customers.

By the time your rep calls that customer the second time or maybe even the third time, it’s been days.

And we still haven’t connected with the lead.

Of course, First Response time is still important.

But we need a new, better measure to tell how long did it take for your rep to actually talk to the customer?

That will show the true health of our dealer sales departments.

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