How Dealers Change Customers Lives

by Jess Lee in July 15th, 2020

When you close a deal,

You are introducing change to someone’s life.

You are their guide, their change facilitator to the next leg of journey.

People might not all of sudden have everything they ever wanted in life

Because of the product that you sold to them.

But whether they know or not,

Everyone is on their journey to their higher self,

And you are the guidance that leads them to their next leg of the journey.

Nothing feels so exhilarating as closing a deal.

I notice I’m in my best mood when I close one.

This is the feeling I want to share with the world by building and expanding my company Bitesize.

I want people to feel the feeling as frequently as possible

So they can introduce more changes to other people’s lives.

So they can help other people take action

And lean into the next version of themselves.

I want all salespeople using Bitesize to have that POWER.


That’s what gets me going

And I know deep inside that this is what drives many hunters out there.

So be that changemaker today!

Let’s change the world together.

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