Hacks for follow-ups in long sales cycles

by Jess Lee July 22nd, 2020

My General Manager client told me…

At his Lexus dealership, the sale cycle gets up to 180 days.

The best salespeople do this very well.

Following up for 180 days takes time and dedication.

When you are jumping between one customer to another,

It’s inevitable some leads will slip through the crack.

If you are a General Manager or a Sales Manager,

Preventing this slippage can get huge addition to your gross profit.

I’m going to share 1 hack that you can implement

Without spending additional staff time

Or having to constantly make sure it’s being done right.

Here it is:

Automate text message follow ups.

(Not just email)

This will wake up at least 30% of hundreds or thousands of leads.

How many more cars can you sell with that?

If you don’t save them they are going down the street to a different store.

You owe it to your team to save these deals!

Most of your reps will follow up with that month’s leads.

But what happens to 30 day - 90 day old leads..

Let alone 180 day old leads?

I’ll share how to systematically save deals with you below

Without the daily grinding.

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