Get more customers on the phone

Only 7% of all car buyer leads answer their phone on the first try.

That means your staff is spending 93% of the time, failing to get hold of customers and leaving voicemails.


People hate picking up phone calls.

Working with 100+ dealers, we found a way to get hold of 10x amount of people in the time that you currently spend to get hold of one.

I want to share our latest working strategy with you, we published the "Get more customers on the phone" guide so that you too can work smarter and maximize your gross profit.

In this guide, I cover how to:

  • Hear back from 100s of customers in minutes
  • ... Hear back from every lead within 5 mins of hitting your CRM
  • ... No lead falls through the crack. Ever.
  • ... Reach customers that don't answer phone calls or CRM texts

We hope this guide will kickstart the journey to the best closing rate you've ever hit and continue to do that month over month.

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Hi, I'm Jessica Lee, CEO of Bitesize.

In my experience of helping 100+ dealers run their sales and lead follow up process, I learned that some dealers are extremely successful, while others are not.

I have seen dealers that book 44 additional appointments in just a couple of hours. I've also seen dealers who book nothing. I put together what I observed about the best dealers into a guide. Click below to start your journey to a better texting strategy.

The first text we sent out, we had hundreds of people respond and most of them were within seconds. So of course, I've been a big fan ever since.

Bret Feasel

General Manager, The Price Simms Group

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