Free dealership texting playbook

by Jess Lee June 15th, 2020

If you are a General Manager, you have email & phone playbooks.

But does your dealership have a texting playbook?

I don’t mean the one-off texting kind...

I’m certainly not referring to CRM tasks.

We all know those tasks can slip through…

That’s just reality.

I mean the kind where you know exactly what your reps are supposed to text

From the very first second that a new lead comes in

All the way throughout the 180 day lead cycle

And through the process of appointment booking

To when the customer purchases the car

The day after purchase

And getting the referral after purchase?

And when you cross-sell them in the service department.

Do you have a texting playbook for all of this?

If you do: please share your playbook with me!

If you don’t: I’ve got one for you.

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