Want your service calendar filled for the next two weeks?

Dealerships generate 49% of gross profit from fixed operations 

Bitesize helps fixed operations teams engage customers with vehicle maintenance reminders through personalized texts

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3 month outreach

Appointment Confirmation

Touchless payment

Service BDC in a box

Automated text messages for recall and warranty

Remind your customers about recalls and warranties

Recalls and warranties are lucrative but your customers are confused about what to do. Automatically text them reminders to ensure they come to appointments. 

3-month service reminder

Remind customers about service every 3 months and watch your shop load increase

  • 3 months routine reminders
  • Sold no service
  • Six months-no-service
Appointment confirmations made easy.

Appointment confirmation

Don't have time to confirm appointments? No shows? No problem. People prefer to get a text to remind them. And with Bitesize automated texting, you just set it and forget it. 

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