First Strike Strategy

by Jess Lee April 18th, 2020

With dealers now competing for the same customers, the pressure to win those customers is higher than ever.

Getting leads might be more accessible than ever, you pay portals like CarGuru. BUT. The bar to get engagement is higher and higher and customers look for all the reasons they should NOT visit your dealership in person.

This means dealers need to put special effort to escape the no mans land and hit the bar that customers are looking for.

How do you hit that bar? How do you get the engagement you need and prove your value so you can get them in the door?

The key is to have a first strike strategy that ensures you are the fastest dealer in your market.

We just put together our first educational content for dealers.

All of the content is on how to build that First Strike strategy that will

? Ensure you are the fastest dealer in your market

? Give you peace of mind that all outreach will get done without your supervision

? Reach people where you will get instant opens and replies

? Do all of this without hiring more staff

We are thrilled!

If you manage internet sales reps or BDC teams at dealerships, I’d like to vet these topics with you. Want to help? Check out our manifesto here.

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