Digital Retailing - don't roll your eyes

by Jess Lee June 1st, 2020

I can see dealers roll their eyes when someone says digital retailing.

That word has been overused in the last 2 months.

Here are 3 critical concepts buried under that word:

(These concepts were very well articulated by Brian Pasch recently on CBT)

Concept #1: Convert more website visitors to have sales conversations.

More people are going to dealers websites, we need a better way to catch the lead and push them to have a sales conversation. And we need to put better equipped salespeople staffing that website, not just anyone.

Concept #2: Start collaborating on deals with the buyer.

Most dealer websites are playing pricing games with the buyer. Enable your buyer to walk through how you’ve arrived at the monthly payment that they are looking at.

Concept #3: Move to Appointment Booking culture

Buyers expect to work out most of the deal online and only go into the dealership to sign on the dotted line. Find ways to make the transition to test drive easy on your website, then staff it with someone who is great at converting those conversations into an actual deal.

Have you been thinking of implementing these practices at your store? What roadblocks have you come across? I’d love to hear from you.

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