Want your service calendar filled for the next two weeks?

Get 94% response rates on your Customer Service Index survey

Many auto dealers have trouble getting customers to respond to the post-sale Customer Service Index (CSI) survey

Bitesize helps your staff follow up with customers effortlessly with automated personalized text messaging.  

Don’t miss out on your OEM bonus for high CSI scores - Try Bitesize today! 

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3 month outreach

Appointment Confirmation

Touchless payment

Service BDC in a box

Automated text messages for recall and warranty

Sales CSI  - follow up with everyone, automatically.

Your GSM is too busy to make sure everyone has been followed up post sale and your salespeople are already eyeing the next deal. Let them do what they do best - close deals. Let Bitesize automate sending texts post-sale to boost your CSI. 

3-month service reminder

Jump on bad reviews before they hit your OEM surveys. 

When you automate SMS, you can send follow up text messages after every sale. That's 100% CSI follow up by default.

That way, you know exactly who is unhappy. With Bitesize, you can have negative text message replies forwarded to you or your GSM. Take care of it right away and don’t take the hit with OEM surveys

Appointment confirmations made easy.

Spending a ton on call providers? Use Bitesize to filter responses. 

Save the money you are spending on CSI call providers by weeding out happy customers who replied to you saying happy things. 

That way, you only have to spend money following up with customers who don't respond.

Automating CSI texts also lets you use your staff hourly fixed cost more efficiently. If they're not wasting hours chasing people, they're doing work. 

Get started with Bitesize today!

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