Authenticity is leadership

by Jess Lee April 19th, 2020

Do you remember when you first started in sales? I worried a lot when I started. Am I listening enough? How am I sounding? How am I looking? Is my value add clear? Am I building a relationship?

I realized the one thing that’s most important to me as I continued my journey in sales. AUTHENTICITY.

Being authentic is what keeps me going in sales. It’s what motivates me, it’s what makes me want to improve. I love the idea of connecting and sharing my true self with others. I think it’s one of my life-long purposes.

Today I’m re-affirming my commitment to bring my authentic self to others and in return, giving them the chance to be authentic with me. I continue to think about how is our conversation making them feel? Am I feeling relaxed or tense after the conversation? I think how you feel throughout the conversation reveals a lot about what you are putting into the interaction.

So here’s a picture of myself (with no makeup!) sharing my authentic self with you. Let's go connect with others as we are and allow them to connect with us as they are.

Here's my authentic self
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